Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh my... it's July!

Lots of things planned for this month. I get this feeling it's gonna be one of those busy times that would make time fly. But first 4th of July is coming up so...


It's so awesome that the 4th is on a Monday, ergo, 3-day weekend :) We're still not sure how to celebrate it. A few days ago I got some sort of flyer in our mailbox saying there will be a party with (loud) band and everything here in our little cul-de-sac. It also said bring food and join the party. Well first of all, we heard that band play and honey... you'd have to pay me to sit and listen. Second, it would've been nice if they asked us if it's okay to have their little block party. Plus our neighbors (right across) like to kinda sorta block the road with big ass fireworks. The really loud and smoky kind (but very pretty). We actually get to have our own fireworks show, no need to go to the beach or the park. So, we may just end up barbecuing at home... Guam style.

Our friends the Alave's are here from Texas. Very very excited to spend time with them. Tomorrow night we're having dinner with them then on to a comedy show by Rex Navarrete. Attending a friend's wedding weekend after then Disneyland. Fun fun fun! 

I don't think I'll be able to do a whole lot of sewing this month but I'll try to sneak in little projects. I have a lot of fabric piling up and I'm itchin' to do some stitchin'. They have a lot of sales this weekend so I may go to Jo Ann to check out what they have or drop by my favorite little Japanese fabric shop. Just thinking about it makes me all giddy inside.

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