Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Date Night Top

I went to Jo Ann last Friday (didn't have time to go Momen+ *sad face*) and found patterns for $0.99 each *ginormous grin*. It was a steal!!! They normally go for $17 so you can bet your bum I was excessively giddy I could hardly contain myself. I actually told myself I'm just gonna look, but what the heck. I was going out the next night so I might as well attempt to sew a cute top instead of buying it. The pattern called for jersey fabric which I haven't tried. So here's how it started...


I found this matte jersey in eggplant. It was perfect since I don't really have a top in this color. I found that I'm struggling a bit on the neck and armhole parts (more practice on those curves) but other than that it was fairly easy to sew. I was able to finish it in time for my date :) Here's the finished product:

It looks like it's floating in mid air but it was actually hanging on a clear hanger. Looks pretty cool tho, no? I'm happy with how it turned out and this just inspired me to be a little more ambitious in my sewing adventures. Next I'm sewing a cute summer dress for my girl.

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