About Modista Mama

I don't really think of myself as creative but there's just something about sewing that entices me. I don't have dreams of being a designer or anything like that but it's rewarding to make something that I know will be put to good use. And so Modista Mama is born.

Modista is a Filipino word for seamstress. My mother has been sewing for as long as I can remember and it never ceases to amaze me how she can just take measurements, create patterns from scratch, and complete an outfit just like that. Back then, she used an old Singer where you need to pedal (you all know what I'm talking about) to make the machine run. I remember helping her from time to time when I was much younger but then life took over. And with "life" I meant school-work-marriage-pregnancy and everything else that goes with it.

Last year for Mother's Day my wonderful hubby bought me a nice sewing machine. And since taking a basic sewing class, I've been inspired to create something. So now that I at least know my way around the machine, I want to make cute outfits and fun decorations for my house starting with the really simple ones, of course. I plan on taking more classes in the future as I know there's so much more to learn. I am ready for my sewing journey.

  • I watch Bones but I don't read the Brennan series.
  • I like reading books that make me try to figure things out. I don't read romance novels.
  • I love warm, fresh bread. I can eat this all day.
  • I learned MS Access and actually like to use it.
  • I always play Scrabble or something similar.
  • I sleep with my phone under my pillow.
  • I collect international postage stamps. So far I have stamps from Argentina, Canada, China, El Salvador, Ghana, Italy, Kenya, Malaysia, Spain, Thailand, and a few more I can't remember.
  • I tend to proofread without meaning to. I find myself doing it while reading newspapers, magazines, posters, menus... you name it.
  • I'm 1/8th Chinese, born under the sign of the Ox.
  • I prefer Rocky Road over Vanilla.