Monday, July 26, 2010

Stay-cation Day #1

Last week I was in Cincinnati for a conference. It was hot and humid when I was there with the occasional rain. It was a very exhausting 7 days and I am so glad to be home. Cincinnati wasn't bad but I was there to work and I had very little free time so I can't say I had a great time. Wish I had a chance to check out other places besides downtown. I was told that this city is still a growing city. So if you're ever here, a lot of places close early and don't even open on Sundays. One thing you may want to try is the chili over spaghetti. It's actually not bad but it's not something I will have everyday.

But now I'm back where the weather is beautiful and work seems like a million miles away. I think I've had enough of travelling for now so I decided to stay home and enjoy some QT with family. I'm already having fun watching the kids play hide and seek esp. since they're all cheating. I don't have any plans for the next five days. Being lazy is sounding very good right now. I also have a book that I can finish. Gosh... I can think of so many other things I can do but I just want to enjoy my much needed break. Maybe I'll just stick with being lazy today.

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  1. Sounds relaxing! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!