Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here Comes The Sun

SoCal weather is now hitting the 90s. It's hot!!! I'm beginning to miss the somewhat gray overcast mornings we had a few weeks ago. Gonna be flying to Cincinnati this weekend for a conference. I just "googled" the weather there for this month and it's supposed to be hot and humid. Oh well... it'll be like my Guahan home. I also just signed up for Yelp so I hope to do some yelping and "check in" a lot of good food places :) This is going to be a week-long conference and I intend to take a week-long break afterwards so I can finally do some sewing. I can't wait to check out The Cotton Shop and get me some cotton candy. I hear they're gonna have a sale. Who doesn't like great deals?

I got a copy of Tess Gerritsen's new book, Ice Cold. I think I'm ready for my 4.5-hour flight.

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