Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Office Pet Peeve #1

Have you ever gone to your break room to get coffee only to find that there's a tablespoon of it left in the pot while it's on the warmer? This irks me! The worst part of it is it happens a lot. It doesn't take a genius to know you don't leave the pot like that.

Last Friday after lunch my co-worker smelled something burning. So when she went to the break room she saw the source of the smell, and yes, it was the black-bottomed pot. It was too hot we didn't dare put it in the sink. The person responsible came by and realized what she'd done. I guess she felt bad coz she tried to clean it. This morning I went to get my coffee and there she was, the perpetrator. Sure enough there was half a cup of coffee left in the pot. She saw me pour it down the sink and make a new pot. She asked, "Wasn't that enough?" And I said, "I don't drink from bottom of the pot and that wouldn't even make a full one." She said, "Oh you know what it is, I couldn't tell how much was left coz of how wide the metal part is." O... M... G... I can't believe I heard that. Am I really working with this person? I mean, really? Was she trying to give me an excuse for not doing what she's supposed to do?

But like I said, it's a pet peeve. I'll get over it. I already made a fresh pot and it smells so good.


  1. THAT is a annoying! The same people leave like an inch of milk in the carton in the fridge. Or who leave a bunch of dirty dishes in the sinks instead of putting it in the dishwasher. Or an empty box of tea in the little tea rack. WTF people? Office kitchen etiquette!

    I feel your pain, sister. It seems like she doesn't get the hint even though you spell it out for her. But maybe after she sees it go on for a while, she'll learn.

    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  2. Girl... sad to say it wasn't just the coffee. She's not the most popular kid in the office either. I really try but she makes it difficult to work with her. *sigh* I may have to spell it out in BIG BOLD LETTERS.