Wednesday, December 26, 2012

10-ish more weeks to go...

I'm now past the halfway mark, and about two-thirds of the way. Being that this is my second baby, I can actually say that each pregnancy IS different. For women out there who are just beginning their journey, you might find this enlightening; for those who have gone through that wonderful journey, feel free to laugh along. As I watch my daughter play with her dollhouse, I can't help but think back on what's great and/or funny about being pregnant.

1. You can blame EVERYTHING on hormones. From morning sickness, to heartburn, to fatigue, to that occasional meltdown, to clumsiness, and everything else. Yup... hormones.

2. People are drawn to you and everyone asks how you're doing. Even strangers have the urge to touch your belly like they can make a wish and it'll be granted. If you are one of these people, please please please... ask first, or you're gonna find out what's worse than taking a mama bear's cub.

3. After the first trimester (assuming you're over the nausea) you can eat and eat and eat, and no one will get mad at your for being a pig. You can have your own bizarre concoction and no one will give you the stink eye. Or steal your food for that matter.

4. Oh, the naps. I love the naps. Need I say more?

5. You're not really hogging the couch. You're just trying to get comfortable. Go ahead, put your feet up. Ask for some pillows and a nice tall glass of orange juice.

6. Other moms tend to "share" their experiences and advice. Just remember, not all pregnancies are the same. People will tell you what you should (or should not) do. I say check with your doctor.

7. If I believed those old wives' tales, I would be stinky (as I'm not supposed to take baths), the baby will get tangled in the umbilical cord, I can't wear a lei, and I should've had 4 kids by now (ring test). The Chinese gender predictor didn't work for me either. Thank goodness for ultrasounds and the amnio.

8. It's the strangest feeling in the world, your baby moving inside of you. But it is also the most amazing thing in the universe. It's also fun watching your tummy move and play "guess which part of baby."

9. You know what unconditional love really is. The bond between mother and child starts even before the baby is born.

That's all for now. I'm sure there are lots of other things that are great/funny about being pregnant, but I'm getting hungry. You do not want to see a hungry pregnant woman.

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