Friday, January 6, 2012

i came, i saw, iPod

I happen to be one of those eligible for the iPod Nano replacement. I actually had mine for a few years now but since having an iPhone, it just started collecting dust. Come to think of it, I didn't know why I kept it. Eh. So I went through the process of signing up and waiting (and waiting) for the package for returning it. Why bother you ask? Why not? Who knows, I might actually use it. Mind you, Apple was very specific about how you're supposed to pack it. I searched online for folks who have received the replacement unit and found out that some of them actually received the exact same model (a 1st gen for a 1st gen). Then I thought, if I get the same thing maybe I can trade it in? It was probably worth $20. But when I got home from work today, this is what I got:

It turns out Apple started sending the 6th gen iPod nano as the replacement unit. I guess sometimes it pays not to be first in line. Cute, no? Will I use it? I dunno... it looks good for working out. If I can just get myself to actually work out. Hah!

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  1. Oh, nice! I love the new iPod nanos. You know what you could do? They sell those cute wristbands. You could wear it as a watch! That's what I would do. Cuuuute.