Thursday, February 2, 2012

All I need is a little patience...

Nope. I wasn't listening to Guns N Roses.

Did you ever have to remove embroidery from a shirt? That's what's keeping me sew busy lately. The embroidery itself was quite simple, nothing fancy, but in script font. I used a seam ripper and small scissors at first and it seemed like it was taking too long to remove one letter. Plus my right hand was starting to ache (not good when I'm already experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome). A quick tap on the keyboard and I watched a few vids showing how to "erase" the stitch with the special razor. Not the kind you use for giving someone a buzz cut but simply put, an embroidery razor/eraser. They're not cheap at all. So should I get one? Is the juice worth the squeeze, as my former boss would say?

Enter the x-acto knife (actually it was the Fiskars brand). Thank goodness for this wonderful little gadget. I used it to break the stitches on the back side and then used the seam ripper the pull the threads off. This $2 wonder helped, tremendously. It saved me a lil bit of time and not as painful on the hands. This "unsewing" experience sure tested my patience. Sure, it took a while for me to finish but I did it... blurry vision, hurting hands and all. I'd rather be sewing something but this is just one of those things I'll have to chalk up to experience.

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