Monday, June 6, 2011

My First Nook Case

Last Saturday I attempted to sew my very own Nook Color (thanks hubby!) case. I've been searching online for patterns but couldn't really find one that I liked. Maybe because I already had a design in my head. Thing is, sometimes what I see in my head doesn't quite translate well on paper. It took pretty much the last half of the day and a couple of trial and errors to get it together and here's what I got:

I originally thought of making it look like a clutch/wristlet but I think this will do for now. I wasn't planning on including a pocket but there it is. Here's the prototype opened up.

And here it is in action...

I didn't do any close up shots coz I don't want people to see my ugly stitches (I'm still learning y'know). I will make it better and sturdier next time. Who knows, maybe then I can even put together a pattern.


  1. Peach - it's GORGEOUS! The perfect cover for the beautiful device. Are you going to sell them on etsy? I think you should! I think they're beautiful and people would easily pay cash moneys for them. I love the color and pattern of the material.

    Yay! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Thanks E!!! Maybe when I've perfected it I'll sign up for Etsy.

  3. I can totally see you setting up shop on etsy! I love seeing your sewing projects! Keep up the excellent work!