Monday, November 15, 2010

Not-so-sweet November

Sorry, folks... I have been missing in action lately. Not that I've been abandoning this but I'm just too busy to post. I'll be attending another conference in VA and the past few weeks have been nothing but preparing for that. Well, I don't really bring home my work but my brain hasn't had time to space out for a bit. I am a lil bit excited about my trip. Virginia is beautiful this time of year. The first time I went there I would stare at the golden foliage. All those warm shades made me want to just stare... space out... It was truly picturesque. I never really thought I would see a doe and her fawn grazin' right smack in the middle of nature coz that's just something you see on the Discovery channel.

I wish I could enjoy it more. I don't really have much free time when I travel for work. But it's nice to see old faces again, not to mention meet new ones. I hope it won't rain the whole time like last year. I'm leaving in a few days so I probably won't be posting again till after I get back. I will try to show pics of my trip.

Can't wait for the holidays.

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  1. You know what I love about your posts, Peach? I love how positive you are and how you see good things always. Not many people are like that when they have a space to themselves to do with what they will.

    Enjoy your trip to VA!! Have a happy holidays!! You guys cooking for Thanksgiving? Can't wait to hear/read about it! ^_^