Thursday, October 21, 2010

Slack Attack

Ever feel like you're in a slump? I've been feeling like that lately. I have fabric and projects piling up and I haven't even touched it in the last week. Work drains me mentally that sometimes I can't find the energy to finish my jacket at least. Well, since there's no new episode of Bones tonight maybe I'll be able to sew a bit.

And speaking of my jacket, it's about halfway done. There were only 2 sessions for that class but I think there should've been one more since none of us finished our project. I'm working on one of the hardest parts (the collar) and it really would've helped it we had more time in that class. I did learn a couple of tricks. I just need more time.

I recently discovered this really cute Japanese fabric store a few miles from my house. So one day after work I decided to check it out even though I wasn't really sure where it is (at first). It turns out that it's a couple of stores down from a bakery that we go to.  It's quite easy to miss. I walked in and was right away enamored. The staff is very friendly and they have a great selection. I really like the charming, non-commercial feel of the place. Makes me wish no one else will discover it but that's just a little too selfish. Heehee...


  1. How's it going?! It's been so long since I commented. It's been so busy here on my end as well. Sounds like your jacket should be done soon! Can't wait to see it! And all the other things you make with your Japanese fabric!

    I have yet to see Bones season 5. I'm a season behind because of DVD. And there's a long wait on Netflix. Boo.

    Have a good week, Peach!

  2. Hey E! I wish I can say my jacket is done but sadly I haven't touched it. I've been so busy I definitely need a break. C'mon Thanksgiving!!! Hurry!!!

    Have a good one :)