Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wet & Wild

No... I ain't talking 'bout no water park here. I'm talking about this weird California weather we're having. Last week, as I'm sure you've heard, we had record heat temp's -- 3-digit ones! Now, we're on day two of the downpour. Last week people flocked the malls; this week nobody wants to step out. And I'm one of them. The weekend's forecast will be in the 80s. It's a weather roller coaster and it's not a fun ride. Definitely wild and crazy weather we're having, don't you think?

So last week I went to the first session of my jacket lesson. I was ready as ready can be to start my engine... er, I mean, sewing machine. I was happy, I was giddy. I was greeted by an older lady with a cold who turns out to be our instructor. You can just imagine my smiley face turning into a questioned look. I was so ready to cut my pieces and what did we do? We sat down while she asked pop-quiz-like questions. The whole time we were there I didn't even see the machine. I didn't feel like posting about it. But I was determined to finish this. The next (and last) session will be on Saturday. I will finish that darn jacket. Photos coming soon. On a side note, I sure hope she feels better.


  1. Wow. So wait...the whole jacket class was questions?? How come?

  2. Our instructor wanted to make sure we know the basics. Oh well...

  3. Pssh. I guess that's helpful but also a waste. Ah well. I still can't wait to see what you make!