Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Last night I went to my "Lazy Pants" sewing class. I was so excited about it I arrived early. And yes, I was the first one there. Minutes were ticking by and I began to worry that my class would be canceled or rescheduled (again). So I started walking around the store. I was so tempted to look around the fabric area or check out the little sewing nice-to-have's but decided to walk straight to the classroom. I was relieved (and got even more excited) that I'm actually going to make something I can wear.

I've never really used a pattern before. Sure we talked about it in my basic sewing class but I just read the darn thing. Didn't really use it which you all know is totally different. Picking the right pattern is already confusing enough. So I take out these pieces of tissue paper from the pattern envelope and I thought why are they using this kind of paper? Eh... After pressing the pattern pieces, we start pinning them on the fabric. At this point I was being anal about it, making sure it's all flat and not puckering. And then we cut...

The pattern comes with instructions on how to assemble the pieces. I probably could've learned this on my own. But one thing I enjoyed attending classes is the added knowledge I gained from the instructor. She gave us tips and tricks that were not indicated in the pattern. Plus... and this is a big plus... the instructor made us use the serger! I was so giddy like a kid playing with a new toy. Did you ever look at the loopy-loop seams on your store-bought shirts/pants? That's made using a serger, aka overlocking machine. It was unbelievably easy to use. Someday I will get me one of these.

I called my mom to tell her about my recent sewing adventure. I was so proud of me. But I have much to learn. My mom has been sewing for decades. She doesn't even use patterns. I want to be like that. This Saturday is the first day of my jacket lesson. Stay tuned.


  1. Peach!!! That's so fantastic! Love the lazy pants! I have almost no idea of the things you talk about but it's fascinating. My mom used to try to teach me to sew but I would run away because I wanted to play outside. Boy, was I a stupid child!

    I'm proud of you too. It's awesome that your mom sews without using patterns. You'll definitely be able to do that. I'm super impressed by you.

    Can't wait to see more!

  2. Thnx so much E!!! I'm uber impressed by you ^_^ Can't wait to see that CD cover :)

  3. Hey peach! That's really awesome of what you can do. You've always been pretty creative even before. Yey you!