Thursday, May 27, 2010

Idol Recap

So last night I watched the finale of American Idol and I can pretty much sum it up in one word: disappointing.  I didn't really follow the series; I only watched the auditions. I wasn't happy with this year's finalists so I didn't bother watching the show. So based on what I've been hearing it seemed like Crystal Bowersox was the "shoo in." But America voted otherwise... Here are a few of my thoughts on the finale:
  • Alice Cooper as the opening act??? It was a little weak. I could barely hear him sing (if you could call it that)
  • Crystal + Alanis Morrisette = thumbs up
  • Chicago is one of my all time favorites... but what happened? They sang with Lee and they were all off! The band was awesome when we saw them in concert. Was it the monitors? Was it Lee? We'll never know...
  • Bringing out the Idol Alumni was a nice touch.
  • Paula Paula Paula... what can I say? I didn't like her as a judge and I didn't like her "speech." I think she should stick to dancing/choreography/whatever it is that she does nowadays (retiring).
  • I think Janet Jackson stole the show. I love her and I love her new song :) Will definitely download it later.
Just watching Crystal and Lee perform last night, with no judging and just having the time of their lives, it seemed obvious that Crystal was more powerful musically and confident on stage. Overall I thought the show didn't flow smoothly, like something was missing. Oh well... time to move on.


  1. Good enough for me! I don't watch American Idol at all. Haha. But it's still fun to listen to friends talk about it.

  2. Oh, P.S. your comments still need to await approval. Wasn't sure if you still wanted that or not. Just letting you know.
    K. Have a great weekend!