Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thanks but no thanks???

Yesterday I brought cookies to work. Hubby made some Dark Chocolate Oatmeal-Cranberry Cookies with Walnuts. It kinda felt good that the picky eater liked it. But one of my co-workers first asked if they came from me and I said yes... she said she just wanted to make sure coz we have co-workers who carry pet hair around (I mean really... I wanna give them that pet hair roll thingie). Then later on she said, "You put walnuts? You're supposed to put pecans. Pecans!!!" Oooooohkay? I didn't know she's allergic to them and I'm sorry but she could've picked them out or JUST NOT EAT IT. Today's mental note: Lord, please remind me to be more appreciative.

Speaking of thanks... it is Administrative Professionals Week and our boss is taking us out to lunch at Daily Grill in Westin. It just opened so hopefully the food will be good.

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