Monday, April 19, 2010

Decisions Schmicisions

Went window shopping yesterday and I found the kind of purse I've been looking for. I've always wanted to get one in off-white/bone and I found one at a Coach boutique store. Now, mind you... I was just browsing, just checking on what's new and there it was... beautiful embroidery, lots of storage space (I like pockets) and in the color that I was looking for. So the employee came up to me and said, "You have good taste. That's a limited edition and we just got that today." Yeah-huh!!  See, I wanted to buy myself a birthday gift but since I had to have my car serviced I decided not to add any more charges. But I had to pull myself away even though I was really DYIN' to get it. So we walked over to Macy's to look at their shoes, and what's next to the shoe department?? The fine jewelry section. And yes, they have my birthstone. And yes, I found a beautiful ring. I am so torn. I want them both. *ugh

Very happy with the way my new project is turning out. I'm gonna try something new - grommets! Never used one before so this should be fun. Apparently there are several kinds: industrial, hammer type, snap-on, and plier kind for the small ones. Need to check the craft store later.

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