Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Madness

My March is quite mad. So many things going on I'm not really sure which one to post first. I guess a chronological sequence of events is proper.

Last week on my way to work a car hit my bumper coz another car hit his (get the picture?). Good thing this happened at the on-ramp so we were not going fast and the damage was very minor. But there was that hassle of having to pull over, get all the info you can get from strangers, and contacting the insurance company for your claims. Thank goodness I don't have to pay anything coz my deductible was waived.

I don't support the idea of daylight savings time but here we are... I'm still trying to find that one hour of sleep I lost over the weekend. It was madness, I say... madness!

In light of recent events, I got some special nail treatment from my girl over the weekend. Sure it wasn't the way I would've done it but it was picture perfect. My girl is turning 4 on Thursday. We promised her that we would take her to Disneyland. But since we couldn't take her on her actual birthday, we surprised her yesterday. She didn't jump up and down or shriek but she had a great time and already told me she wants to go back. It is madness trying to do them all in one day so don't do what we did. We were all knocked out when we hit the sack but I'd say it was all worth it. The fireworks were a definite must-see :)

At the end of the month I'll be two years shy of 40. Wow. Forty. The big 4-0. I have been celebrating the decades, not the years. I had a beach party on my 30th and I think I was partying with my friends on my 20th but soon it'll be the 40th. Last year I thought of having a luau but now that I think more about it, I would really like some days off. I want to enjoy my house more and maybe get my nails done again.

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  1. You guys are sooooo cute!!! I love that she did your nails!! And Happy Birthday to the cutie-pie! Man, they grow up fast! And such awesome mommy and daddy to make her dream come true on her birthday. I'll bet it was spectacular.

    Hey 40 is the new 20. You'll be fabulous at 40, I don't doubt it. And you have two years to plan, I'm sure you'll do something you'll love and remember. Happy early Birthday!! <3