Friday, February 4, 2011

The (Not So) Young Adult

I've become a regular at our local library. In fact, I visit once or twice a week. Besides sewing, I also enjoy curling up with a good book. I still like the feel of it (although I'm also wishing for an iPad or a Nook Color). I like books by Tess Gerritsen and Beverly Connor, or by Victoria Laurie or Heather Webber. I used to like James Patterson and Patricia Cornwell until their stories left me saying -- Seriously?? I like following a series so I can watch characters evolve. I like being a "witness" to how their struggles gave them strength and gain wisdom. It's like watching them win a race.

I admit I haven't been sewing lately even though I still think about projects in my head and check out sewing tutorials online. But I've been reading. And I've been reading books for young adults. Yes, folks... the ones intended for ages 9-12. Blame Harry Potter and the like. These books were so wonderfully written that sometimes I think, are these really appropriate for this age group? We're talking murder and mayhem here which is something I normally see from your typical forensic thrillers intended for adults, sans the medical/technical jargon. But somehow YA books are just more... colorful... more visually appealing in my mind's eye. I enjoyed reading The Lost Hero a whole lot more than The Lost Symbol. Does that sound wrong?

I wish these kinds of books were around when I was younger. During those times my goal was to read all the Nancy Drew's. She was cool... but she was never killed twice by Voldermort.


  1. Hey girl! I agree with the ease of getting into YA books more than adult books. I feel like I'm so focused on work/life most of the day that when I read, I just want to not think so hard and easily slip into the imaginary world of books. That's also my excuse for reading trashy books as well.

    OMG it's bad(good) when you have an e-reader. Buying books is at your fingertips. But also, it does save a bit of money when the trashy books I like to read are free or 99 cents! I'm glad I got a kindle. I do read more with the kindle. I do also miss the feel of reading a real book but not that much - the convenience of the e-book wins. And because you read so much, it's totally worth it for you.

    I enjoy looking at your bookshelf on good reads. I like your choice in books. I'm going to start reading some books off your shelf!

  2. Oh E... I sooo want to get an e-reader. And since my birthday is coming up I've been dropping lots of hints.

    How does it feel now that you're in the 2nd trimester? I think it's my favorite part of the pregnancy; my appetite was better and I could still see my toes. It's also the time I felt the baby kick for the first time :)

    You guys will have fun. It'll be exhausting for sure but it'll be so worth it.

  3. Hehe. I hope you get your e-reader! Perfect birthday gift!

    2nd trimester is glorious! I totally know what all the mama's are talking about - I've gotten my energy back as well as my appetite and I'm not as sicked out by certain foods and smells. And I'm starting to show and it looks more like a pregnancy bump than just a fat belly. Haha. I feel less blobby.