Monday, May 3, 2010

Cotton Love

I lie awake at night thinking of the next project to tackle. I've been juggling 3 ideas in my brain lately but I've been leaning more towards one of them mainly because it's practical (not to mention easy) and it makes an awesome gift since Mother's Day is coming up. I'm talking, of course, about the reusable grocery bag with a twist. A twist, you say? Yup... sewing this bag will be easy but to add a special touch I've decided to add something to it that will make it easy to fold and store. I saw a similar idea online but I'd like to make my project just a lil different. I found out about a fabric store in Redondo Beach and I want to go check it out. They seem to have a wider variety compared to the one I've been going to. Maybe I can manage some free time this weekend and buy me some organic cotton.

btw... I decided to get the ring :)

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